Diary in English 7/25


Today I chatted with my language partner via skype. He asked me, "What do you think about 過労死?" I was not able to express my opinion, so I want to write about 過労死 in this notebook.
I looked up the word "過労死" to see how to say it in English. It is translated to "death from overwork."
Im sure that the number of Japanese people who have died because of overwork is much more than the people in other countries. It is common for Japanese to work at least 8 hours plus overtime. We have to treat our customers and clients respectfully just as if he or she is a God. Our boss is also like a ruler for us. We cannot resist them even if they dictate something irrational. It might be little exaggerated but there are a lot of good companies in Japan. In fact, the firm I quit from is one of the good companies. I was able to go home early (I usually finished work at around 7 pm. Only 2 hours of overtime.) I could get overtime payments. And my boss and co-workers didnt say anything about what they didnt like about my personality.

But its sad to say, that there are some companies that have bad labor environments in JP. Recently, a woman who worked in a famous advertising agency died because of overwork and the sad news spread across all of Japan. She worked overtime and she always missed her last train, then she had to drink with her boss after work, so she couldnt sleep enough. Besides, it is said that her boss sexually harassed her. Finally she couldnt make good decisions in her state of mind and chose death to get away from her life.

I think we Japanese have to respect each other and think about this issue and how to work. No repeating the same tragedy. We should treat our subordinates and co-workers more kindly and take enough holidays. We Japanese are sincere and diligent. Our work and product quality is great. But we shouldnt overdo it.

umm… the theme is very difficult for me :(


Thank you for your correction Jason on italki! 




ランゲージパートナーに「過労死についてどう思う?」と問われ、上手く答えることができなかったので、改めて英作文してみました。やはり日本人は働きすぎなイメージがあるんでしょうか……? 別のランゲージパートナー(日本に来ることが決まっている)も、「噂には聞いているけど、日本で働くのが怖い」というようなことを言っていました。